Leorex Gold Booster, 2 Tubes X 7ml Each


Leorex for the treatment of a point and deep in wrinkles and clarification of wrinkles and spots
To treat quick points and get immediate results for smoothing, lightening and instantly infirming the skin.
Suitable for all skin types
Contains pure gold particles 24K to help Pigmentation and deletes marks and swelling in the eye area.

Quantity: 2 concentrated tubes, 7 ml each.
Total 14 ml

Contains pure gold particles 24K to help Pigmentation especially in the eye area.
Unique product for instant results of blurring of wrinkles in the appearance of young and radiant skin, produced by cutting-edge technology that works by building a network of silica particles that compresses each wrinkle upwards. The results of using this medicine are very impressive after the first time you use it. In addition to lifting, the remedy performs deep cleansing of the pores. It also balances the facial skin using vitamins a B and increases blood circulation for the natural rejuvenation of the facial skin. Blurring wrinkles immediately

Quantity: Set of 2 Tubes, Total 14 ml