Leorex Face Moisturizer Cream – Gold Edition 50ML


Water-based Gold moisturizing cream with vitamins A, C, E

Antioxidants that help vitamin A restore skin, seaweed and Dead Sea
A rich source of expressing carotene and fatty acids. Multi and the concentration of vitamins
Creates a protective layer that minimizes the uptake of oxygenate and pollutants and strengthens
The natural process of skin throttle.
Moisturizing Cream nourishes skin for 12 hours with particles
Are released slowly throughout the day.

Contains: 50 ml

Moisturizing cream that contains nano particles of gold that helps the skin to recover and restore it to a young and glamorous look.
An advanced, gentle and innovative moisturizing cream that nourishes and enriches the skin with moisture.
The concentration of Multivitamin creates a layer of protection that minimizes the absorption of oxygenation pollutants and strengthens the natural process of the skin’s throttle.