Leorex Gold Eye Gel 30 ml


Unique Gold Eye Gel that nourishes the delicate skin around eyes in the AHAs alpha acids and hyaluronic acid for skin rejuvenation, vitamin C, D, E and omega 6 enriching the skin in powerful anti-oxidants.
The Gel contains exploding capsules and helps lightening skin, reducing swelling around the eyes and smoothing the skin and wrinkles by Skin Firming. The eye Gel was designed specifically for dry skin, enriched with essential oils and that reproduce moisture to the skin.
A unique product from a Leorex with a revolutionary formula of silicon oxide particles.

The product contains nano 24K gold particles , the gold has an energetic value that relives the skin and tiny particles of gold 24K give a glamorous, healthy and young look, when versatile micro-structures connect together, raise the skin, blur the wrinkles and eliminate stains under the eyes.
A large amount of Hyaluronic Acid intensifies the synthesis of collagen fibers and returns the optimal level of moisture in the skin around the eyes, which makes the area elastic.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of Eye Gel Gold on your fingertips and by tapping, massage it into your skin around and under your eyes.(which explode the capsules) Immediately after the application, the jell will begins to assemble a thin network of invisible matrix that lifts and smooths the skin and reduces wrinkles and color stains. (Recommended for use primarily after using a booster mask)

-Real gold.
-Vitamin E which provides natural protection from environmental damage.
– Collagen and Elastin which are responsible for the smooth and young appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes